Angela Kalantzis

Angela Kalantzis is living with a Brain Injury. In July 2012 her life changed forever. She ran her own Beauty and Skin Salon, was a busy mum of a 12 and 13 year-old, and had an active social life. Following a family camping trip, an accident involving a camper trailer has left her now living with a Traumatic Brain Injury. In 2015, after much struggle with finding support to understand living a new normal, she created an online support group “Brain Injury the New Me? – Australia”. This group provides raw, honest, invaluable support to many – through the many frustrations and challenges voiced by members of this group, frustrations and challenges that matched Angela’s. One thing became abundantly clear: the need for increased public knowledge and awareness about brain injury, it’s limitations, challenges, and the daily battles that are faced. This has led Angela to the path she is now on: to raise awareness of living with a brain injury and how it affects your everyday life and the butterfly effect it has on your work, personal and family life. Angela shares her life, the bare reality, raw and uncensored how she is living her new normal.

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I look normal, right?