Anna Copley
Speech Pathologist – The University of Queensland

Dr Anna Copley is a lecturer and researcher within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The University of Queensland. She teaches in the areas of: adult motor speech disorders, case integration and cognitive-communication disorders. Anna researchers in the area of cognitive-communication disorders following brain injury with a particular focus on new treatment development.

Presentation Title
Can a treatment targeting cognitive-communication disorders improve the self-awareness of deficits of adults following acquired brain injury?

Short Abstract
Impaired self-awareness has significant implications for the attainment of functional outcomes in individuals with ABI. Specifically, impaired self-awareness is associated with reduced motivation and engagement with therapy, poor compliance with and uptake of compensatory strategies, reduced treatment outcomes, and also may interfere with safe and independent functioning. Therefore, self-awareness is a critical prerequisite for client’s engagement in therapy, yet waiting for awareness to develop can result in loss of valuable treatment time and client gains. The debate to treat based on awareness of deficits is ongoing. This paper presents the findings of two studies which explored whether an impairment based, metacognitive intervention for adults with cognitive-communication disorders resulted in improvements to self-awareness.