David Matson
Director/Physiotherapist – ICARE Rehab Queensland

David Matson Masters Community Rehabilitation – Griffith University 2010.BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Glasgow Caledonian University, May 1997.Registered Physiotherapist Board of Australia.Associate Diploma Civil Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, December 1989.Working as a Physiotherapist since 1997 and after qualifying from Glasgow Caledonian University has worked in both public and private sectors in Australia and the UK. In those sectors has worked in acute, sub-acute, community, primary care & private.

• Recently working in the private sector has developed links with Headway ABI with a focus on providing rehabilitation opportunities for adults with limited mobility. This has been recognised through, “Best Research Poster” award at APA ACT Branch 2017 for “ Elliptical Trainer Rehabilitation (Weight Supported) Provides Functional Improvements in Adults with Limited Mobility”

• Aim to build a dynamic health care service incorporating ICARE Rehab Qld to provide alternative Neurological rehab options for community dwelling people.

Presentation Title
Functional & Emotional Improvements in Adults with Limited Mobility & Limited Opportunity

Short Abstract
We have compared effects of low to moderate intensity exercise, for adults with complex chronic disease (majority with Brain Injuries) and limited mobility and envisage this as an alternative and viable model of care options in the rehabilitation sector.