Deborah Theodoros
Director, RECOVER Injury Research Centre – University of Queensland

Professor Deborah Theodoros is the Director of the RECOVER Injury Research Centre at the University of Queensland. She is a founder and co-director of the Centre for Research in Telerehabilitation (CRT), and the Telerehabilitation Clinic at UQ. She is a world leader in the development of telerehabilitation applications in speech pathology, and has collaborated with other allied health professionals to incorporate modern technology in clinical practice. Professor Theodoros has over 170 publications in telerehabilitation, and speech and voice treatments for adults with acquired brain injury and progressive neurological disorders. She has received just over $12 million in competitive grant funding and is currently a chief investigator on a Centre for Research Excellence in Telehealth.

Presentation Title
Technology-enabled rehabilitation: Is this a solution?

Short Abstract
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified rehabilitation as a 21st century priority and recognised the need for more efficacious and cost-effective methods for delivering rehabilitation services. The sophistication of current technologies and the global trend towards digital healthcare provide opportunities to transform the way in which rehabilitation services are delivered to people following acquired brain injury. This presentation will define the nature of technology-enabled rehabilitation with respect to the services that can be provided, the types of interactions that can occur, the benefits and challenges, and research evidence in this area. An overview of various technologies that are available for rehabilitation and some examples of how these technologies can be used will be presented. General considerations for using technology in rehabilitation will be discussed.