Linda Parish
National Disability Insurance Scheme participant

I sustained my brain injury on 26th September 2015, when the horse was riding died underneath me due to a rupture of its aorta. I fell heavily to the ground and received a severe head injury. I was flown to Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital where I was in a coma for eight weeks. They removed pieces of my skull and when they replaced them I woke up a week later on the 18th of November. My mobility was severely affected and I had to learn to do everything again. I was moved to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit on the 8th of December and stayed there until the 14th of April. I then went to Casaurina Lodge, a slow-to-recover rehab centre. I went home to my parents property on the 28th October 2016. I am unable to get any legal help. My current medical help is I am receiving is botox and physiotherapy at Princess Alexandra Hospital.